Today I feel like an undelivered letter
I half am
Serving a purpose only partway fulfilled
To my sisters of Color
I have for you a love letter
a strength letter
a stand with you letter
But I am undelivered
and only when I burst through the seams of my envelope
and stand open and unchained by outer glue and my inner folds
with my words pouring forth
I will be free to call myself your sister that
I am.


I’m having a day
like a quiet room
where my clouds are cold

and heavy
beneath my feet
shuffling in hushed steps
and grey air

My whispers wander
Between you and me
A wondering wander
Of light gravity
A flicker of thought
Skates through planes
Of murmurs and notions
And nestles between our bodies
Cradled in the arms of the half dawn

These are the lovely ghosts
Which live in between our thoughts
And fingers as they touch
I often wonder whether the wishes I dream down
To nestle behind your ears
Stay roosting until dawn
Or if they fade and shatter as I close my eyes
To join you in sleep

Wander in bleached nights
A cacophony of silent thinking
Where is the love along these
Lines I’ve been following for
Miles after miles after smiles
And tea I think I’d like to
See how we fit together in a
Wandering back to home

I don’t miss things
How I miss

All day it’s felt like gravel on my knuckles
Travel through a thorny sea of hands
I’m waiting on the other side
But I still can’t call out to you
I’m sitting on flat stone
And drinking pebbles
Why won’t it stay
The words bubble
The first time I’ve felt fine in my mouth
And calamitous return to too many ears
Good night

Half written love letters
whispered into the depths
Of cyber space
yet never connecting
I wish on strands of twined data and words
to reach the switchboard
where our minds plug in
with our hearts
And pluck the wires
to settle
more firmly
a symmetrical fit of

Perfect rain
The old dreams
Worn smooth by time and the abrasion of careless wishes
Revisiting the shape of
The sensation of
Your hands
Cupping new memories
In old words
Old worlds
Bold, whirled
A lifting composition
A drifting exposition

Old words
Rubbing kindling to a tired heart
I dream of resurrecting
My poetry
Lies forgotten
Truths buried
Beneath my smile
Water in my veins
Too thin Too clear
My blood has lost feeling
I wonder
If our love is something see-through
To you
Drunk on false love songs
Love false songs
Singing love false
In your lips
I feel
Nothing but
A silent I love you
Is an excuse
.Not a truth
When I see your glasses
Coloured with the false love
Songs I sing to
Wishing to dye my lenses

May 2018
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